Medical Artsscholarships

Through our Medical Arts Scholarship Program, we support young adults seeking a career in the medical field.

During Nicole's hospital stays battling her own childhood cancer, she would talk with the nurses about an array of topics. On several occasions Nicole asked the nurses why they put in such long days or why they were called back shortly after finishing their shift. The nurses explained to Nicole that there was such of shortage of nurses and that at times they were greatly short-staffed.

Part of Angel 34's mission is to provide funds for those in financial need with a desire to enter the medical field. Each year we provide Medical Arts Scholarships, valued at $1,000 each, to graduating seniors from District XI who have participated in their Field Hockey Program AND the Field Hockey Olympics and Walk. As Nicole said, "you never know who will have the answer for the cure or a new way to treat cancer."

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Angel 34 Awards '14-'15 Medical Arts Scholarships

The Medical Arts Scholarships are awarded based on on the students' GPA, SAT's, Community Service, School Activities and a written view point on "How they are going to make a difference."

We are proud to announce the following scholarship winners (photo, left to right):