At Angel 34, we have made it our life's work to eliminate childhood cancer, and with your help, we can.

If you want to make a difference in the fight against Childhood Cancer, you can become an Advocate for Angel 34.  Through your advocacy, you are making a commitment to children, in your community and across the country.   You can be the VOICE for HOPE for them and their families.

The Angel 34 Foundation is making contacts at State and Federal Levels to make a push for cancer research and creating AWARENESS for the NEEDS of the children and families battling pediatric cancer.  At this time we are asking advocates to do the following to assist us in our mission;
  • Create a link on your facebook page promoting Angel 34 and its mission “For every child to have their own Angel during their battle with cancer”   Strength is created by NUMBERS.
  • Create a link to the Angel 34 Foundation website www.angel
  • Promote upcoming Angel 34 events to friends and business acquaintances through email announcements, twitter and Linkedln. 
  • Create an Angel Club to be Angels in Disguise.
  • Conduct your own fundraiser to raise awareness and funds.  (Contact Angel 34 for ideas and necessary forms)
  • Locally - Volunteer your time at an Angel 34 Fundraising Event. If you are out of the area volunteer your services/talents to a local Children’s Hospital.  

By doing these simple things we can network across the country and bring the “Flame of Hope” to anyone who will listen.

“We are all Angels in disguise with God given talents to make a difference in the lives those who are less fortunate”.

100% of the funds raised each year by Angel 34 go directly to the cause.

Become an Advocate