The Angel 34 Financial Assistance Program helps offset the costs and bring families closer to hope and healing.

Dealing with the effects of childhood cancer can often be devastating on families. Without proper coverage, the average cost of one week's supply of medicine can cost about $4,000. Even for those families with health coverage, they still take a tremendous financial hit with extra costs such as: travel, lodging, meals away from home, daycare for other young children at home, therapy, treatments that aren't covered by insurance, tutoring and time off of work.

The disease can send some families that were just barely surviving into financial ruin. The non-medical, out-of-pocket expenses alone associated with providing treatment for a child with cancer have been shown on average to be 38% of the family's gross annual income.

At this time, the Angel 34 Financial Assistant Program is only applicable to children currently being treated at Lehigh Valley - Muhlenberg Children's Hospital Specialty Care.

Angel 34 works closely with the doctors, nurses, and social workers to ensure assistance is provided on a daily basis.