Angel 34 -  Angel Cuisine Program for Children and Their Families Battling Cancer.

Angel 34 is looking for Angels in Disguise to support its Angel Cuisine Program over the holiday season.

Each year the Angel 34 Student Board raises funds to feed families throughout the year, whether we are providing "Drop Your Tailgate" nights at local restaurants or distributing Visa Cards for meals from Wegmans.

During the holiday season the Angel 34 Student Board would like to provide 30 meals for Thanksgiving and 30 meals for Christmas to families in the Lehigh Valley and Surrounding Communities.

Please take the time to donate a portion of the meal or donate entire meal for a family.  Meals will be purchased at Wegmans and Cracker Barrel.  Pies will be purchased at Premise Maid.

Last year the Angel 34 Student Board provided 25 meals for each holiday and this year they have set their sites higher.
Please be an Angel in Disguise for those in need.
Have a Happy Holiday Season!

Thanks for Your Support!

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