Diagnosed...Now What?

If you are visiting Angel34 website than you or someone you love has been affected by childhood cancer. No doubt, you are scared and overwhelmed by what lies ahead, much of it being unknown. Your healthcare team will help you to navigate the journey that lies ahead of you but you will most likely be looking for information on your own as well. Knowledge can be empowering but it can also, if not obtained from reliable sources, become an obstacle to the best possible care for your child. We encourage you to seek out knowledge and ask questions- as many times as you need to. Your health care team will be your source for your individualized questions and to clarify the enormousamount of information available but we have included here what we believe to be some of the best and most reliable sources for quality information.

But of course, there is more to caring for your child with cancer than just medical and treatment information. There are financial concerns, school issues, emotional aspects of care for your child, their siblings, and you and your extended family. Perhaps the best advice we can give is to accept offers of help when given and reach out to others when you need it. Utilize the assistance of national organizations and local support groups, when available. Ask your health care team to educate your child's classmates and siblings, if appropriate. Inquire about your state's medical assistance (they are not all the same, at least for now) or other local financial assistance, if available. And get to know some of your fellow travelers- no one else can really quite understand what you may be going through better than someone who is traveling that same road. You are not alone on this journey, and though this is certainly not the road you would have chosen, there will be good days and even joyous moments ahead. Many, many patients have told us, "life as I knew it changed forever on the day I was diagnosed with cancer, but in some ways, life is better now, I appreciate it more."


Many Resources are available through your hospital and clinic and in your community to help your child and family through this time. Types of resources available may include: information, support, finance, housing and transportation.

Internet Sites

The Internet is a resource that you may find helpful. If you have questions about what you read on any of the sites, please ask someone on your health care team to discuss the content with you.

The following websites have information about cancer and cancer resources: