“It’s not about me and never will be about me, it’s about those children who will go through what I’ve been through”

During her battle with cancer Nicole was always looking for ways to help ease her own pain, but was also concerned for the other children going through the same journey. For example, Nicole found that visualization and deep breathing exercises helped her take her medication. She then instructed the nurses on her method which was then used with other patients. She would take the time to talk to other children about procedures that they would soon go through or about the positive side of wearing a wig. She also found the time to have stuffed animals handed out to children who had no one to cling onto while going though daily treatments.

During Nicole's hospital stays she would talk with the nurses about an array of topics. On several occasions Nicole asked the nurses why they put in such long days or why they were called back shortly after finishing their shift. The nurses explained to Nicole that there was such a shortage of nurses and that at times they were greatly short staffed.

When Nicole established her foundation she wanted to make sure that every child received the same care she had received and that there were enough nurses and staff to support them. Each year the Angel 34 Foundation provides Medical Arts Scholarships to graduating seniors. Nicole always said, "You never know who will have the answer for the cure or a new way to treat cancer.

“We are all Angels in disguise with God given talents to make a difference in the lives of others who are less fortunate”

After leaving the hospital, Nicole continued to give back to those who had helped her and to help those children who would be going through what she had. Nicole began raising money as well as enlisting the support from area sports teams (including her own) to conduct additional fundraisers.

She also produced a set if index cards for the day she would get the chance to meet her Senator, Arlen Specter. The cards contained all the concerns and questions she had about the needs of children with cancer. Unfortunately Nicole's cancer spread very quickly and in the blink of an eye she had passed, just prior to her scheduled meeting with Senator Specter. In June of 2004 her parents were able to visit Sen. Specter in Washington and fulfilled Nicole's wish to discuss her concerns with him, with Nicole index cards in hand.

Nicole was one to always remind you that, "We are all Angels in disguise with God given talents to make a difference in the lives of others who are less fortunate." That concern for others continues to this day and is part of the beautiful legacy of Nicole Sheriff.

Nicole Elizabeth Sheriff
April 14, 1989 - May 3, 2004