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Every child should have an angel during their battle with cancer

Angel 34 is a non-profit organization and we employ NO staff!
We are 100% volunteer with all funds going to help children and their families battle cancer.

Financial Assistance.

Provide financial assistance to families to cover medical costs.

ICEE Campaign.

Provide ICEE Machines to Children's Hospitals

Pet Therapy.

Provide pet therapy programs


Support cancer research

We are in the business of providing comfort, support, and hope but

We Need your help.

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Monthly Story

Olivia Radcliffe - September, 2018

On Labor Day 2010, I was diagnosed with a rare type of liver cancer- undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver.   I didn’t really understand how different life would be from that day on.  When you are diagnosed with cancer at age 9 you just do what the doctors and nurses tell you to do and keep on fighting.   So that’s what I did.   After 9 months of chemo and a surgery to remove my tumor, I was challenged with getting back to the business of being a kid instead of a cancer patient.   So, again, that’s what I did.   I have been cancer-free since April 2011, and was officially CURED in April 2016.   I am now a junior on high school, looking at colleges, play tennis, am involved in school activities, teach snowboarding,  and volunteer my time for many different types of organizations….although the pediatric cancer foundations like Angel 34 are closest to my heart.     I think I look and act like any other teenager does, but I am always a little different and a little bit stronger on the inside because I am a cancer survivor.    I think this quote sums it up, “Cancer changes us, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s up to us to decide what that change will mean in our lives, and who we will become as a result.”

For the countless families across the country that are impacted by childhood cancer, the prospect of medical breakthroughs is a ray of hope and the support of the community is a great source of solace. I have witnessed firsthand the enormous impact Angel 34 has had on the children and families who are grappling with the effects of childhood cancer. The advocacy and assistance provided by Angel 34 ensures families touched by childhood cancer know they are not alone.- Congressman Charlie Dent

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Childhood Cancer Olympics 2018

Sunday, September 23rd | Noon - 3:00 pm
Northampton High School | John Kremus Field

Come out for fun and games as teams from around the Lehigh Valley come together to raise awareness for children battling chidlhood cancer and their families. There will be a variety of games available for all ages with the top three teams taking home trophies and prizes.Learn More About This Event>


2018 Angel 34 Calendars are Now Available

The 2018 "Angels of Hope" calendars have arrived and are available for sale online for only $17, including shipping. GET YOUR CALENDAR HERE!

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