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Every child should have an angel during their battle with cancer

Angel 34 is a non-profit organization and we employ NO staff!
We are 100% volunteer with all funds going to help children and their families battle cancer.

Financial Assistance.

Provide financial assistance to families to cover medical costs.

ICEE Campaign.

Provide ICEE Machines to Children's Hospitals

Pet Therapy.

Provide pet therapy programs


Support cancer research

We are in the business of providing comfort, support, and hope but

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Monthly Story

Griffin King

“Adversity is like a strong wind.  It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.”

Griffin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), B-cell Type in September of 2014 at 17 months of age.  He was very excited at the new arrival of his little brother Keegan (5 weeks old at the time).  In the midst of entertaining his new best buddy, Griffin fought to shake off a persistent respiratory infection.  A thorough work up was initiated, and subsequent ALL diagnosis was made after a noticeably pale Griffin was no longer able to bear weight on his left leg.  His world was forever changed that day.  

Griffin has now bravely progressed through varied stages of treatment and is presently in the ‘maintenance’ phase.  The chemotherapy and steroid regimens have taken their toll on his motor faculties and once limitless energy.  Yet through it all, Griffin remains a happy, engaging little boy.  He continues to amaze his family and friends with his infectious smile and courageous spirit.  His wonderful laugh has persisted and his fortitude continues to inspire.  Despite Griffin’s newfound hardship, he has encountered generosity and support from strangers and loved ones alike.  Though his journey has just begun, Griffin has encountered enough goodwill to fill a lifetime. 

For the countless families across the country that are impacted by childhood cancer, the prospect of medical breakthroughs is a ray of hope and the support of the community is a great source of solace. I have witnessed firsthand the enormous impact Angel 34 has had on the children and families who are grappling with the effects of childhood cancer. The advocacy and assistance provided by Angel 34 ensures families touched by childhood cancer know they are not alone.- Congressman Charlie Dent


Angel 34 and South Italy Imports Food and Wine Festival is a Huge Success

The first annual Angel 34 and South Italy Imports Food and Wine Festival was a success, bringing in about 1,000 visitors who enjoyed food, wine, and music all day on Saturday, September 17.  It was a beautiful day at SteelStacks and multiple tents were filled with amazing smells, sights, and sounds. 

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