Our Mission

Every child should have an angel during their battle with cancer

Angel 34 is a non-profit organization and we employ NO staff!
We are 100% volunteer with all funds going to help children and their families battle cancer.

Financial Assistance.

Provide financial assistance to families to cover medical costs.

ICEE Campaign.

Provide ICEE Machines to Children's Hospitals

Pet Therapy.

Provide pet therapy programs


Support cancer research

We are in the business of providing comfort, support, and hope but

We Need your help.

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Monthly Story

Rachel Price - October, 2018

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in late March, 2 months before my 17th birthday. I went through 5 cycles of chemotherapy, as of early August I received clean scans and am now in remission. I am currently a senior at Northampton High School and I plan on attending college. I hope to continue things I enjoyed that I wasn't able to do during treatment such as going to the gym, working, driving, art, seeing my family that lives far away, visiting colleges, and just being a kid. I chose to take my picture for the calendar with my dog Gracie because she has helped me a lot through this tough time by comforting me, never leaving my side, taking my mind off of cancer, and just making me smile and laugh.

For the countless families across the country that are impacted by childhood cancer, the prospect of medical breakthroughs is a ray of hope and the support of the community is a great source of solace. I have witnessed firsthand the enormous impact Angel 34 has had on the children and families who are grappling with the effects of childhood cancer. The advocacy and assistance provided by Angel 34 ensures families touched by childhood cancer know they are not alone.- Congressman Charlie Dent


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